Welcome to Anchor Beef!

Anchor Beef Cattle Company is located in Northeast Oregon where the Wenaha River meets the Grande Ronde.  We take pride in raising cattle free from growth hormones or antibiotics.   Our cattle thrive as they forage through the canyons and on the benches surrounding the breaks of Hells Canyon.  We cherish the land, the livestock, and the people who visit this remote and majestic setting.

We raise grass finished beef free from growth hormones.  Cattle are not fed antibiotics and only receive antibiotic treatment if necessary to fight infection. We’ve been using cattle as a tool to replenish the soil through sustainable and holistic management practices.  What used to be a mono-culture of grain crops is now turning into a symbiotic blend of annual grasses, perennial grasses, forbes and legumes.  Our goal is to have a ranch that contains healthy soil, land, livestock, kids, and families, ultimately producing food for healthy consumers. We believe in taking care of our environment and natural resources so they will take care of us for generations to come.

Grass Finished beef

Grass Finished BeefBeef finished on grass eat grass during the growing season when they are able to forage,  are higher in Omega 3 fatty acids as well as CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), and are naturally leaner than grain fed beef. Learn more >>

About the Ranch

About the RanchAnchor Beef is a privately owned, family operated, working cattle ranch.  The ranch is located in Northeast Oregon on the breaks of the Grande Ronde and Wenaha Rivers.  We raise cattle in a remote and majestic setting where our cow-calf pairs live out their lives in a low stress environment. Learn more >>


How to Purchase

How to Purchase Grass Finished BeefContact us for direct sales in the Pacific Northwest.

email: sales@anchorbeef.com